As CMOs start to outspend CIOs, collaboration remains key

As CMOs start to outspend CIOs, collaboration remains key

CIOs were traditionally at the helm of technology adoption, but as more marketing departments use their budget on technology spending, the role of the CMO in IT is rising.

Digital marketing budgets are set to increase by 8 percent for 2015, according to a report from Gartner that projects CMO spending for the rest of the year. The survey reached across six different industries: high tech, financial services, manufacturing, retail and transportation, media, and hospitality. It consisted of 315 marketing decision-makers from companies with revenue totaling $500 million per year or greater.

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10 Ways to Let Your Team Know You Love Them

The best teams are made of members who have each other’s backs. They care for one another. They look out for each other. They’re unselfish. Team first. This doesn’t happen by accident. Rather, it is built over time from the top-down. Here are 10 tips that you can follow, as a leader, to establish this type of work environment within your business:

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How texting a Corvette could stop it in its tracks

Academics showed how a Corvette could be stopped in its tracks by remotely accessing a small device often used by insurance companies to track drivers

– this article is scary and exists today

Third-party devices with cellular connectivity — and security problems — can tap into the heart of a vehicle’s brain

As if recent research on car hacking wasn’t frightening enough, a new study shows yet another danger to increasingly networked vehicles.

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But Mr. Customer, we are not required to listen…our policy dictates

All of us have had personal experiences where we could write a case study on the ineffectiveness, rudeness and outright disrespect received from customer service centers. As someone that has over 20 years in international contact center experience, I see it as imperative for contact centers to drive high ratings for customer satisfaction, net promoter scores and other various metrics. Because of that, I take opportunities when available to see how companies respond to customer inquiries and complaints. No longer am I amazed at how poorly clients are treated, but a recent interaction certainly reminded me how bad things can get. I publish experiences like this so hopefully those responsible for policy decisions as well as the processes and empowerment of employees to resolve issues. This has a direct impact on customers and if they will remain potential future customers or even worse try to influence others away from your firm.

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Why Don’t We Let Customer Service Agents Actually Think?

Customer service leaders repeatedly stress the need to improve agent engagement and better the customer experience, yet their live phone and chat reps are often advised to behave in ways that undermine both endeavors.

At every turn, agents are encouraged to adhere to a rigid, repetitive structure for dealing with customers—and rigidity is hardly the best way to provide meaningful, personalized service for an infinitely-diverse customer base.  Customers are going to believe firmly in the validity of their specific, varied issues and concerns; if the agents are truly customer-centric, should they not consistently strive to recognize the value of and adapt their responses to this variety?

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Automation vs labor arbitrage

automationHow much will automation impact the level of off-shored outsourcing and BPO? According to the Everest Group North American companies believe automation gives them the ability to bring their work back on shore. A similar trend seems to be prevalent in the UK and Europe. Automation reduces the advantages brought about by labour arbitrage, where software robots are even cheaper than wages in developing countries. Continue reading

5 things agents should never have to say

Countless articles detail things an agent never should say to customers.  Predicated on the notion that the contact center’s paramount objective is to satisfy customers, these articles stress the importance of creating efficient, warm and resolute interactions.

Correct in terms of the phrases they seek to abolish, such articles often oversimplify the issue.  By discussing things an agent should never say, they imply that the agent possesses enough autonomy to say different things.

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