I definitely cannot say I have seen it all in my lifetime, but I have often been told I have a very unique perspective of looking at things that can be very thought provoking and inspiring. I believe this is because I see most things in a very simple way that quickly gets to the heart of the matter. Most issues are most often not as complicated as they are made out to be and generally it’s often an overload of information and pre-conceived notions that interferes with sound thinking and common sense.

I thoroughly enjoy sharing concepts with others. The wisdom I have obtained through the years has been thru a multitude of successes and failures along with a myriad of minor to life altering events. Perhaps most importantly though has always been being acutely aware of my surroundings and how individual details can often affect and influence many other, often seemingly unrelated, items.

Background – Professional

My primary experience is an international business expert. For over 25 years I have specialized in business process and support functions, contact centers, information systems and management consulting. I have developed managed service solutions using technology and business process services as critical elements in solving business needs on six continents including North America, SE Asia, China, India, The Philippines, Europe, Latin America, EMEA and Australia. My focus is on maximizing profitability, decreasing risk, reducing time and expense for project launches as well as creating/running direct and channel based sales, marketing, support and infrastructure required to drive profitable business ventures. My core beliefs in business are hope is not a strategy, a failure to plan and communicate is a plan to fail, having a “can do” attitude and willing to take on any challenge.

I have detailed industry expertise and insight on programs such as market entry, market growth, localization of global offerings, streamlining operations and value-add initiatives. This experience is for both core and supportive business elements to maximize potential in local and international markets. I am experienced in on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore services and the primary issues associated with outsourcing, managed service and staff augmentation structures.

Background – Personal

I live my life by three basic principles:

  • Treat everyone and everything in the same manner in which you yourself would want to be treated
  • Do your very best in everything you do, every single day, so that way there is never a need to second guess yourself and wonder of things would have gone better if more effort was given
  • Live every day like it is your last day on the planet, because life does not guarantee that there will be a next day

Additional Current Activities

Today I continue to utilize my expertise helping firms establish the foundation required to reach their local, regional, national and international profitability goals. In addition, I have continued taking on a much broader role in trying to help both organizations and people directly by taking an active part in servicing needs by:

  • Assisting individuals, families and companies in analyzing, locating, selling and obtaining desired real estate for residential, personal investment and business operation purposes. Additional consideration is provided for those with backgrounds such as active/veteran military members, first time buyers, recent college graduates and those requiring special needs.
  • Engaging in philanthropic activities such as serving on several boards as well as being actively engaged in assisting students at Arizona State University.
  • Writing a variety of articles on various subjects that try to have a positive influence and impact on the world.
  • Serving as an advisor and board member for various organizations and groups.
  • Ongoing efforts supporting active/veteran military members that continue to provide necessary programs such as the creation of the structure allowing active duty soldiers the ability to talk to their families for free via existing communications networks established years ago.


I am a graduate of Bentley University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems and an Associate of Science in Management making me a member in the Double Falcon Society.

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